Your Visit

Your Visit

Your visit to Epic Dental Center actually begins when you make your appointment. You can book online or speak with our scheduler at 713-365-9904. You can get patient forms send to you and fill them out ahead of time to avoid any delay when you come in. If you need help with the forms, one of our patient consultants can assist you.

We suggest arriving about 15 minutes early for your appointment if you’ve already filled out your paperwork. We make every effort to see you at your scheduled time, so if you’re running late due to unexpected reasons—please inform us ASAP.

Your visit begins with an in-depth dental examination and imaging of your teeth—especially if this is your first visit with us. Once Dr. Vela assesses your dental situation, if any—he will then discuss the symptoms you’re presenting. To determine the best solution he will also get info about your oral hygiene and medical history and develop a plan of action.

After your dental examinations, discussing the symptoms and what you hope to achieve with the visit, Dr. Vela will lay out your treatment options.  Not all patients have the same needs and circumstances so each treatment is unique to your specific situation. Whatever treatment is suggested, it is developed to give you optimal oral health and improve your overall quality of life.

Some treatment plans are simple and at-home remedies such as an antiseptic mouthwash, and following a better oral care routine. However, in cases such as cavities, or root canals, the treatments will cost and in some cases, the upfront cost may be unexpected.

We do our best to determine if your insurance has coverage available, but if not—there are financing options such as CareCredit. These financing partners allow you to pay for your treatment in installments making it much more manageable.

Dr. Vela walks all patients through the procedure before it even begins. We like to make sure our patients are informed as it makes it less stressful. We also have options for sedation if you feel it is warranted for your comfort. Your treatment can be performed right after your diagnosis or scheduled out depending on availability.

After your treatment, Dr. Vela will provide you with detailed instructions for aftercare for procedures that it applies to. These instructions include any prescription meds, possible complications, and what to do, as well as do’s and don’ts.

It is important to follow these instructions religiously as any deviation could cause a delay in the recovery process and open the door for possible complications. However, that being said, we use cutting-edge tools and innovative methods for our procedures. So, all in all, most procedures end up being relatively painless.

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Epic Dental Center is a state-of-the-art dental clinic in Houston located just off I-10, west of downtown between Beltway 8 and 610. Our dental clinic is extremely close to numerous neighborhoods, including Bellaire, Jersey Village, and Northwest Houston. We accept same-day appointments and also last-minute appointments, especially during dental emergencies. You may schedule an appointment online or call 713-365 9904 for immediate assistance from our front office staff.